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Events from the series are twisted into a fantasy AU, where the GW characters fight with magic and swords instead of Gundams...


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Mission Log

Aim: To study how much the GW characters will change when placed in a different context.

Hypothesis: By the end of the story, the members of the original cast will have developed into new characters in their own rights. They will have been shaped by their own experiences and relationships, and they will be a product of the AU rather than the Gundam Wing universe. At the same time, however, they will bear similarities to their series counterparts because their roots were the same. (Refer to the nature-nurture debate for the intellectual nerdy explanation of why I formed this hypothesis.)

Materials: The original cast, a fantasy AU and a set of paralleled events and interactions.

Procedure: The characters were planted in an AU whose discourses and themes were different to those of the Gundam Wing world, which enabled me to see how much I would need to bend the characters until they resembled their counterparts in spite of the change in context. The amount of 'bending' - of both the AU and the characters - would serve as something of an indication of how much the characters were exclusively a result of the Gundam Wing universe.

I used the first part of the story to turn the characters into ones that resembled their series counterparts. Then, I built on the characters and the plot by placing the characters into both original and paralleled situations, including encounters, interactions and battles, where they would gradually reveal how much they both resembled and differed from their counterparts. I tried to show that the new context meant that although the characters could remain essentially the same, differences would also exist in their thoughts, words, habits, fears, motivations, emotions and actions.

Results: My work in progress, otherwise known as Roleplay.

Discussion: Click here.

Conclusion: The experiment is yet incomplete. However, if you have read some of the story, perhaps you would like to submit your own conclusion - in your opinion, has my hypothesis been proven, or am I running around in pointless circles? Thank you. ^_^


(contains mild spoilers - read at your own risk)

On one hand, there were six youths of noble birth; on the other, there was a lone girl working for a living in street taverns. A headache, a spilled drink and a strange twist of fate brought her to the Grounds in time to see a malicious attack on the Journeyman Elementalist named Heero Yuy. By the time events slowed down once more, the girl was happily settled as a trainee at the Elementalist Collegium.

Two years later, Prince Milliardo of Sanq and his conpanions returned from Zolte night celebrations to find the palace burnt, their friends and monarchs murdered and their country seized by Oz. The seven escaped into the night and hid, vowing revenge as they headed north towards the Fort Ranges between Sanq and Oz. Thus, the Windriders were born. 

The journey led to shocking discoveries of slaughter, each of which revealed more and more of the ruthlessness of Oz. The enemy, in turn, grew increasingly wary of the black-clad Windriders who had declared themselves protectors of Sanq. However, as the prince and his companions met and allied with gypsies, mercenaries and clanfolk, they began to hear stories of seemingly disconnected events that bore disturbing similarities.

Was Prince Treize of Oz and his dying father really responsible for the multitudes of deaths? Or was there some other force behind the impossibly powerful attacks on Sanq and its people?

And if there was, what was it, and could anyone be strong enough to defeat it?

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